A warm Welcome!

Through this website I´m happy to offer you music lessons on a various of musical instruments, at your home, or mine.

Ofcourse it´s also possible only to learn to read musicnotes with the aid of my keyboard.

My classes will be suiting your wishes, and are mainly aimed at beginners.

I also like to offer a so-called Try-out-hour, in case you just want to try an instrument to play on, to see if it could be the right (or not suiting) instrument in generall for you.

Don´t hesitate to ask me about my offer if you´re interested, feel free to ask.

Kind regards

Eric Wijnsma

Muzikant /– Dirigent /– Leraar /– Websitedesigner /-Vertaler

Musician /- Conductor /- Teacher /- Websitedesigner /- Translator

Freizeitmusiker /- Dirigent /- Lehrer /- Webseitengestaltung /- Übersetzer