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I hope you like this website.

Nowadays there are many webdesign examples available, inlcuding webdesing tutorials, tools and many forums.

It opens up a wealth of possibilities and there are many different examples for designing websites.

This website I created myself, and also managing, only using a Content Management System (CMS), from the texts on, to the images upto the design, extended with programming in webcode languages HTML/CMS/PHP.

For many years this has been a hobby of mine, in addition to my passion MUSIC.

I like to offer you my experience and would create (or managing/maintaining) a website for you as a private person or for your business, individually according to your wishes ofcourse.

Please inform yourself if you are interest to setup a Website.


Kind regards

Eric Wijnsma



Musician /- Conductor /- Teacher /- Websitedesigner /- Translator

Freizeitmusiker /- Dirigent /- Lehrer /- Webseitengestaltung /- Übersetzer

Muzikant /– Dirigent /– Leraar /– Websitedesigner /-Vertaler