Dear interested Visitor!

You are welcome to book me with one or more of my instruments for only a little-money at special events.

With one of my instruments I gladly would perform for you, such as at a Service in a church, at weddings and birthdays, or other various occasions.

I am also willing to make music together with a singer or companion instrument (organ, piano, and others), or I could sing with musical accompaniment, or conduct a choir for you (-> Conductor -).

The prices will be according to the needed time and travelling distance (cents / km).

Please feel free to ask, no obligations what so ever!


Kind regards

Eric Wijnsma

Musician /- Conductor /- Teacher /- Websitedesigner /- Translator

Freizeitmusiker /- Dirigent /- Lehrer /- Webseitengestaltung /- Übersetzer

Muzikant /– Dirigent /– Leraar /– Websitedesigner /-Vertaler


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